Visitor Management System

Visitor management software is the vital part of security management system. Visitor management software helps the company to efficiently manage the visitors and track the visitor details. The top priority of every business is to be safe and secure from the fraudulent people. Every day many visitors will be part of any company. Our visitor management system gives the best solution to ensure the tracking thereby providing the safety and security of your company.Visitor management refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a Visitor management system can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts.Another alternative to visitor management software is an on-line, web based visitor management system offered as a service. A SaaS visitor management software allows landlords and managers to remotely control and monitor access rights without the need to pass physical keys and keycards to new tenants.

Visitor Pass with photo ID

Visitor Management helps to track the visitor to your organization and communicate with concerned employees. visitor badge along with company logo, type of pass, Visitor photo, details of contact person and purpose with authorized signatory.

Check In/Check Out process

Smooth running while large turn over of visitors. Visitor Management System will reduce the time to register your visitor and following visitor sign in and out.

Email & Staff alert notifications

Visitor Management helps to track the visitor to your organization and communicate with concerned employees.

Multiple Entries for single pass

Regular visitor like supplier, contract staff, maintenance team etc., system will support to generate single pass for multiple entry/day with due date.

Signature Pad

Signature pad captures an electronic signature that can be associated with a document. When signature pad is associated with a document, it captures the drawn signature as an image and stores it in the Signature Image table.

Finger Print Device

A Biometric Fingerprint Visitor Management System provides the ease of using the system where visitors are getting registered with their fingerprint

Key Benefits

  • Visitor Management System ... We could ensure a proper control and record on visitors.
  • Our Visitor Management reporting feature allows you to run 10+ reports on your employees time and attendance records.
  • Visitor management system is the best free software to register, track and manage visitors easily. You can ... Blacklist to prevent unwanted visitors.
  • Visitor Management System which is used to generate visitor gate pass in different format, track ... Email/SMS/popup alerts for visitor notification.
  • Visitor Management System allows organizations track visitors on a daily basis, by ID Registrations, Visitor Approvals.
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