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Udaipur Web Designer is a desktop based Restaurant Management Software designed to give restaurants all the tools it requires to speed up service and increase efficiency of operations. The customizable options offered in the system is ideal for any restaurant type including fine dining restaurants, bistros, fast food chains, cafes, bars, etc. No matter what kind of establishment, Udaipur Web Designer helps the staff to complete their tasks efficiently in line with their operational style and business.

Giving everything on your finger tips, easily switch from one order type to other

Get direct access to all operations modes right from the main dashboard. This reduces errors in order type and increases speed of service. Get the flexibility to choose from Dine In, Delivery, and Take Away, making it easier for the staff to track the order type and simplifying billing process. Moreover, through the Kitchen Display System (KDS) all orders are immediately displayed in the kitchen to jump start the order preparation resulting in quicker and better service.

Kitchen Display System

Irrespective of the tricky challenges involved, at the end of the day your main agenda is only to serve your guest to the level of zenith. When it comes to taking orders, guest can change their minds and ask for an item to be removed or added to the order. In that case, can you imagine how tedious it would get to create a new bill every time? Well, our restaurant software has a solution for this as well. You can simply add or void the item to the same bill, and all of the voided items are recorded in the system for reviewing later. Don’t worry; we also give you the option of setting SMS notification so that whenever an item is voided or added, you instantly get a message on your phone, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication.

Dine In

The dine in operation mode allows you to view the seating arrangements in the system, live status of individual tables (reserved, occupied, vacant, unsettled, unclean, etc) and even direct your waiting staff by allocating specific table individually. If needed, you can even re-direct table to another waiter in the middle of the serving. As a result, your guests will have a favorable time and they would be more likely to return to experience your hospitality.

Kiosk Mode

Are you facing problem in keeping up with the reputation of providing quick service? Kiosk mode is perfect for restaurants which thrive on fast and efficient service. In the Kiosk mode, the guests can easily select items, apply item modifiers, and confirm orders. It is a win-win situation. You not only empower your guests giving them the freedom to place their own orders the way they want, but also save costs on labor by speeding up the service.

Room Service

Our restaurant POS system is uniformly integrated with eZee PMS, thereby granting access to guest database from the PMS. This implies that your restaurant staff can straight away charge the bill to the guest’s room. Needless to say, you can even set credit limits, settle the payment by directing to the room folio or make direct settlement as per the guest’s request. If providing efficient service is your agenda then eZee’s restaurant management system fits the bill.


So, the customer wants to get the order delivered at his place. What you do? Start sifting through piles of papers or take the help of our restaurant POS software for better efficiency? Udaipur Web Designer allows you to maintain a different guest database with complete information of your guests for your regular delivery orders. With the feature of built-in map generation, you can fetch customer’s address and route the driver for easy deliveries.

Take Away

Managing Take Away orders can now be looked upon as a simplified task. Just imagine how the feature that can split, merge or reprint receipts for the orders can save your time significantly. Moreover, the feature of guest-check paves way for a smooth settling of orders. A comprehensive point of sale system is the only thing that you need to take your restaurant to the next level.

Billing Operations, the final punch of the meal! Its the finale. Its the last impression. A bad dessert can ruin the meal.

Anybody involved in restaurant management would know that the guest service doesn't end with order serving. The final and the most critical process for every food and beverage establishment is billing operations. Because this is the only thing that will leave a lasting impression on the guests. Streamlining all operations and keeping all the updates between orders in check, Udaipur W eb Designer restaurant POS manages the entire billing process-including adding removing items in an order, splitting bills and more- without any hiccups.

Everything from the table to menu management

Table reservation and menu management is the bloodline of restaurant management and crucial to offering an impeccable guest service. Udaipur Webdesigner offers you a quick and easy solution to table reservation management as well as offering A to Z of menu management--right from creating and editing multiple menus to each menu having its own menu groups, menu subgroups, item types, groups, rates and items modifiers.

Table Reservation Management

Creating multiple menus

Order customization with item modifiers

Different Menus and with separate rates and taxes

Inventory and stock management

One of the most tedious and convoluted tasks in restaurant management is Inventory and Stock Management. Any kind of error in this will lead to an outpouring of confusion in all departments. The sophisticated inventory and stock management module of Udaipur Webdesigner restaurant software is a stickler for detail which lets you efficiently manage the stock, decrease wastage and track items. The advance tracking and reports keep you up to date with the inventory levels and see the fluctuating demands in your store, allowing for better cost saving decisions.

Real-time inventory

Being in the restaurant industry, you would know the importance of taking control of inventory. Through the help of Udaipur Web Designer Restaurant POS, you can view real-time inventory and ingredient levels in your stock room. The system automatically changes the stock and inventory as per consumption levels and thus you witness always up-to-date results. In addition, you can even manually edit the stock and inventory number as per the consumption as well as keep track of intermediate and manufacturing items.

Set stock levels

With so much action going on around you in restaurant, it is not possible every time to know when you are overstock or understock. Udaipur Web Designer’s restaurant system software sets the item-wise minimum and maximum levels. And when you reach either of the levels, it will alert you, thereby ensuring that you are never overstocked or understocked. In other words, no more burdens with stock level concerns all the time, because our solution does it for you.

Initiate transfer of items

To keep up with the demands of different requirements coming from various stores, our restaurant management software also gives the option of item transfer. This means you can initiate transfers of items and stock between different sub stores or departments from the main stock room- all from the module itself. The end result would be a more organized system that is proficient enough to meet demands of every department.

Inventory and Stock Rates

There are myriad of items available in your stock. Naturally, it is essential to keep a tab on all rates for smooth functioning. Udaipur Web Designer allows you to set up various rates for different stock items so that the calculations become easier. You can even set up rates according to last purchase, average and weighted average.

Administer all your chain restaurants from the head office unit

Udaipur Web Designer’s head office module is developed specifically to bring all your business in one place. Whether it is chain of restaurants or franchises, through our restaurant management system, you can easily control various functions of all your F&B businesses like track live status of sales, stock and inventory, menu items and more from one location.


The Head Office module makes it easy for restaurateurs to sync sales receipts, order indents, GRN, purchase order, menu items and store items. Leading to a better view of operations of all the connected restaurants, sync between these will alleviate the restaurant owner’s work by simultaneously updating all the details with a small change in one. With details of transactions and other reports of your remotely located franchises altogether at one place, you can define in advance when and what to sync allowing for better control and flow of information.

Control from one location

Manage and even perform all the key operations of all your outlets from a single location. Whether you want to push the menu items, or other menu item updates to a single location or all, you can do it straight from the Head Office Module.

Dashboard View

The centralized dashboard view gives the team quick information for all the tasks created and downloaded to the head office, thus keeping the user updated with any fresh changes or transactions happening at the disparate locations.

Handle User Access

Restaurants can determine the user access based on the departments and as per the tasks assigned. This gives better control over flow of information with all your crucial data safeguarded from unauthorized access and less discrepancies.

Mobile App for Reports

Udaipur Web Designer's Mobile App for POS reports offers a unique opportunity to receive instant summarized reports of revenue data of your hotel and restaurant right to your tablet and smart-phone. Selecting a particular time period for the reports, you can get various reports on your mobile device through Udaipur Web Designer Report

Transaction Review

Get summary of all the transactions of your outlet such as number of sales, customer visit, tax applied, void billing, etc.

Sales Chart

A dashboard that gives a peek into your monthly and hourly sales number along with the top items that were sold the most during a day.

Outlet Summary Report

Providing you with the statistics of all your outlets in terms of revenue.

Cashier Sales Report

This will give you a consolidate report of all transactions so that the restaurant’s performance can be analyzed well.
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