Control the Sales Pipeline Efficiently

  • Udaipurwebdesigner makes managing the sales pipeline very easy.
  • Create Multiple Sales people account and see their Status on Admin Dashboard.
  • Automated lead reminders, leads assigning and missed leads status to manage and control your sales pipeline.
  • Add comments and maintain conversation of leads to remind you about the talks you had with your clients.
  • Assign leads to another Sales people if a someone is not able to attend the lead.

Manage your Team

  • Manage Multiple Sales accounts.
  • Activate , Deactivate sales people account and see their progress.
  • Automated lead reminders, leads assigning and missed leads status to manage and control your sales pipeline.
  • Very Easy to Understand the Customer Management System.
  • Extensive features for completely free.

Manage Your Customers

  • Fetch all previous conversations, emails, comments and other details related to customers with a single click.
  • Send Updated Newsletter’s and notifications with your Email List.

Manage Contacts and Accounts

  • Manage multiple products customers and sort your customers as per your requirement.
  • Check the customer accounts and updates with our dynamic conversation tracking
  • Get organized and let Tenacious Sales do all the work, while you just do the relevant data entry.
  • Manage details like Customers Social Media accounts, best time to be contacted etc.

Lead Management

  • Manage your sales lead on web and mobile.
  • Entry leads on mobile or through web.
  • Assign and track the progress of your sales person leads.
  • Get notification and reminders when the lead is due.
  • One of the best lead management system for sales people and small businesses. Give us your feedback if you like us to integrate more features.

Import and Export Leads

  • Import your existing customer’s database with .csv/.xls files or export Tenacious Sales leads to Excel to manage your contacts as you require.
  • Simply follow the import format which we have provided to import your existing customer list.

Udaipur Web Designer on the Go!

  • We love how mobile phones have changed the day to day operation of businesses. Udaipurwebdesigner mobile app CRM has been developed so that you can manage all your leads without a computer.
  • Our Sales CRM app has been natively build to make sure you get all the updates and notification with changing times.
  • All you leads can be available to other phone if you change move your phone from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS.

Visualize your Sales

  • Sales Reports that are useful to monitor and visualize your sales pipeline.
  • Identify which sales people are leaders and who are falling behind.
  • Gather insights to improve your sales people by identifying their strength and weaknesses.

Click to Call

  • Make calls directly within TenaciousSales mobile app, Contact your lead and send updates to potential and existing client through a single click.


  • Get detailed view of location wise leads on the map, using our exclusive feature for lead tracking.
  • Use real time view to search for prospects and customers that are nearby.

Calendar View

  • View all leads at a single hub, in the calendar and plan your sales strategies, allocate sales representatives accordingly.

Send Push Notification to Sales Person

  • As an admin of TenaciousSales, you can send notifications to your team i.e. all sales people added in your account, with just a single click.
  • Use our “Push Notification” feature to send constant updates and messages to your team on their mobile.

Send Email Templates to Potential Clients

  • Udaipurwebdesigner allows the account admin to upload a template which may contain your company logo. Send out messages that are virtual substitutes for a company letter head through email.
  • Use our “Upload Template” feature to reach out to more customers with ease.

Track your sales person

  • You can track your sales person by sending request to your sales person's mobile.
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